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This is the personal blog site of Paul ‘Felix’ Forrest.  Paul as he is known in the business world is a keen Business Advisor and Strategist holding board positions and advisory roles with some of the most disruptive and innovative businesses in the marketplace.

By contrast, Felix is known in the film production industry is an award winning cinematography and film producer keen to promote a clever film making ethos to ensure maximum ‘bang for invested buck’.

Outside of business and film, he is a huge fan of athletics and has invested considerable time in both participating and coaching.  Paul holds a UK DBS and is a licensed UKA Endurance Event Group Coach, Athletics Coach and a licensed guide runner for visually impaired runners.  Paul coaches athletes in the Endurance Event Group and Ultra Distance athletes and is also a Certified IRONMANU Coach with a Certificate in Sports Science & Therapy.

About this site

Its a work in progress… I will start by backfilling content from various written pieces and coaching sessions from my previous events and activities.  It will take time, so stay with me!  I want this to be a resource for those out there who want to know a little more about how to engage with races and adventure events beyond the Marathon distance.

Inevitably, it will become a place for my opinions on events, kit and training but I’d like to extend an open invitation: If you’ve written content for your own site or want to write something to post here… get in touch.  Even if your views are not the same as mine, I want this to be a balanced set of perspectives to help those as this is something I found missing from my searches over the years.