These are exceptionally well made and a robust piece of clothing. These trail tights are light, comfortable and warm without being too warm when worn for a sustained period of time such as when completing an Ultra Distance event.

Black with some reflective ‘VIA’ and ‘Montane’ highlights, these are slightly less obscene looking when worn and compared with some running tights. This in part comes from the windproof overlay that is stitched onto the tights over the thighs. Despite this layering, the tights retain sufficient stretch so they are very comfortable without compromising the support from the compression of the tights. The material used that is in contact with your skin is a high quality fleece like material that is both thin and flexible.

They come with the mandatory zipped pocket at the back and are accompanied by two stretch pockets either side of the back pocket.  A comfortable elasticated waist with drawstring finishes them off (if needed). These are comfortable to run in, keep your legs warm and clearly a good quality pair of tights also treated with Polygiene to minimise the smell associated with tech gear when it gets a little sweaty!

If you haven’t worked it out yet, I like these and have two pairs. When wet and muddy, they still feel comfortable and retain their windproof nature. There is no chaffing and if needed, you have ankle zips to facilitate a little extra breathability or to enable them to be taken off over shoes (never really understood the need for the latter).

Would I recommend them? Yes… if you can find a pair. Note, this is my take on these and I haven’t been remunerated for my views here.